05 - CHROMIUMOS - a browser OS on a USB Stick

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Ever wondered what Chromium OS was like? Why not try it. You can install it to a USB Flash Memory drive and then boot from the USB drive to try it. Here is how:

Or try the latest Hexxeh Lime build which has extra hardware drivers added from here. e.g. ChromeOS-Lime-2237.0.2012_07_08_1610-rccf8f959.img requires 2 GB USB drive.
  1. Download the latest USB version from here - use the 'Download the USB image' large button
  2. Use 7Zip or anything similar to unpack the .img file from the downloaded .tar.gz file
  3. Insert a USB drive of at least 2GB in capacity
  4. Run RMPrepUSb and choose 'File-->USB', then select the img file you just unpacked (e.g. ChromeOS-Flow.img) - choose 0 as start byte, 0 as USB start sector, 0 as file length.
  5. When the copy has finished click on the Eject button

Now go try it! Login with Username=facepunch, password=facepunch.

Note: Most emulators will not work - use real hardware!

YouTube Video

Yet another Chromium OS

Note: This ISO won't run if the date is not 2011 (change the date using your BIOS Setup menu first)!

Very quick to boot Chromium OS + Ubuntu. Has update features built in.

1. Download and mount ISO

2. Extract ISO contents to a USB drive previously formatted using RMPrepUSB (FAT32) and Install grub4dos.

3. Add following to a menu.lst menu file

title Chromium syslinux for USB
kernel /k1010 acpi=off CX_ROOT_MEDIA_TYPE=USB xforcevesa
initrd /i1010