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Hot Tips - good value/performance USB Flash memory pens

posted 18 Sep 2011, 15:18 by Steve Si   [ updated 15 Aug 2014, 13:46 by Steve Si ]
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I currently use a Corsair Voyager GT USB 3.0 Flash drive (Removable) and a WD My Passport 2TB USB HDD (Fixed Disk) for testing.

I recommend you always buy USB 3.0 devices - they are usually much faster than USB 2.0 devices.

Reasonably FAST and VERY CHEAP!!! 64GB USB 3.0 Flash pen for only £20!!!!  Write 35MB/s/Read 80MB/s - 5yr guarantee.

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 16GB USB 3.0  -  Write 30MB/s/Read 70MB/s advertised speed. 

Verbatim 43895 16GB Store 'n' Go USB 3.0 Flash Drive for £20 from Amazon: Measured at Write 25MB/s/Read 80MB/s

Verbatim 43895 on a USB 3. port (FAT32)

£8 BUSBI Bolt USB 3 16GB pen with fast read/write speeds even at USB 2 speeds (RMPrepUSB Speed Test 33 MB/s Read, 18 MB/s write on USB 2 ports - note: results vary depending on chipset, over 55 MB/s read/16MB/s write on USB 3 ports !) - or PC World or Amazon. Crystal Disk Mark - using USB2 port - Read/Write 34MB/s/14MB/s. Compare versus a Patriot Rage XT which is twice the price and does not support USB 3.

16GB Kingston DataTraveler 101 GT UFD from for £7ish. It has a read speed of approx. 26MB/s and a Write speed of 8-12MB/s (tested with RMPrepUSB).
CrystalMark Sequential Read/Write of 25MB/s and 8-9MB/s. The Write speed seems to vary (probably due to the controller choosing non-dirty pages = fast write, and overwriting dirty pages = slow writes). This is not bad for a 'cheap' USB stick. The pen is very attractive too (no lanyard or extras though) but does have a 5yr Kingston warranty.  My pen actually had a black gloss painted protective swivel cover.

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