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Bug DescriptionPriorityFixed in VersionStatus
Bug DescriptionPriorityFixed in VersionStatus
cannot make partitions of low size - e.g. 5MB FAT16 2.) Medium 2.1.606+ 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.80x - Chinese Simplified ini not displaying in English Win 7 OS 1.) Low 2.0.809 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
RMPartUSB.exe not installed by installer download 4.) Critical 2.1.600 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.810 fonts not unbolded if previous ini file had bold = true 2.) Medium 2.0.811 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Cannot boot to MSDOS if install grub4dos to PBR. 'Get Type name of command interpreter e.g. C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM.' 3.) High 2.1.606 grub4dos/grubinst.exe bug fixed (BPB issue) 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
FileInfo and USBInfo display in NotePad does not always work 1.) Low 2.1.1 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.809 some text not in correct font size 1.) Low 2.0.810 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.810 speed test should report Windows version and mainboard and mb/s in CSV) 1.) Low 2.0.811 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
install grub4dos has no install to PBR option 2.) Medium 2.1.3+ 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Wrong partition types used for FAT16/FAT32 2.) Medium 2.1.607 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
no USB devices listed on one users system 3.) High 2.1.2a Beta 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
speedtest csv file incorrect for OpenOffice 2.) Medium 2.1.503 (now two csv files) 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.1.601 Prepare Drive prompts for 0 size if no INI file 2.) Medium 2.1.602 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Start CHS values are modified when ForceLBA is used 2.) Medium 2.1.607 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
flashing cursor when install grub4dos to MBR (v2.1.607&8) 2.) Medium 2.1.608a - previous version of grubinst had bad mbr patch code 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Cannot install grub4dos to NTFS partition (PBR) - needs volume lock+dismount 2.) Medium 2.1.606 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.809 - Help form not unloaded when X clicked 2.) Medium 2.0.809 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
v2.0.811 catalan missing and french.ini out of date 1.) Low 2.0.811a 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
richtx32, wont format ntfs v609-611 3.) High 2.1.612 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
syslinux.cfg menu not displayed due to old version of syslinux.exe in RMPrepUSB download (need version 4.03) 2.) Medium 2.1.604 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Make Ext2 FileSystem does not work.Will work if do not run RMPrepUSB via a shortcut. 2.) Medium 2.1.621 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Acer Travelmate -€œUnregistered ExceptionHandler error at boot time when grub4dosinstalled 2.) Medium 2.1.606a 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Format fails on 1.5TB HDD 2) medium 2.1.700 5) Closed (fixed and released) 
QEMU does not work immediately afterNTFS format. This is because NTFS FS is not flushed when QEMU runsand QEMU reads physical USB device before FS is fully flushed.Either wait 30 seconds before running QEMU or add code to QEMU cmdfile. 2.) Medium   
Partitioning a USB HDD often fails on 1st attempt or need to eject the drive first 2) Low 2.1.732 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
Cannot access some files in root of FAT32 volume 3) High 2.1.661 5.) Closed (fixed and released) 
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