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PLEASE TRY THIS! Easy2Boot - Easy2Boot allows you to add ALL and ANY .iso, .img, .ima, .gz files , all Linux LiveCD ISOs and Windows Install ISOs (XP through to Server 2012) to your USB drive and boot from any of them. Automatic menu system. Just copy over your files and boot - no special utility required, no linux cheat codes, no special knowledge. Fully documented. You can change the wallpaper, menu, change the language, text colours, etc. to suit you. UEFI booting supported.
Comments from users on forums about Easy2Boot:
nyquist - 'Easy2boot is awesome. Thanks for sharing this software with us.'
Rootman - 'This is one of the coolest things I've run across in a long time. You guys have GOT to check this out.'
maanu - please accept my congratulations on coding this beautiful tool.. my 1st experience was GREAT. it worked flawlessly on very 1st try (win8 64-bit install)
Jkplayschess - This is a fantastic tool! I rarely get excited about things, but I'm following the development of this closely!
sebus - The solution works VERY well indeed. Tested on W7 x64 so far
Weedy - I gotta say I'm annoyed that this tool seems to work exactly as advertised! This tool is a fantastic piece of software.

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