2012-01-24 DiskDoctor added to v2.1.634 Beta

Post date: Jan 24, 2012 5:25:33 PM

I have added a new utility to v2.1.634, Press ALT+CTRL+F5 to invoke DiskDoctor.exe. This is a low-level disk access program for checking hard disks for errors and viewing and editing sectors.


    • Raw disk access only
    • Scans entire surface for errors
    • Reports SMART errors before and after an operation so you can see what has changed
    • Read, edit and write sectors (edit up to 20 sectors at a time)
    • Check disk performance (measure transfer rate, average transfer rate and detects marginally bad sectors by detecting retries)
    • Search disk for a string (case sensitive or insensitive), or a byte sequence or for first NOT value - i.e. first byte that is not 00h

Take care! You can corrupt your hard disk with this utility!