19 December 2010 - v2.1.606 with grub4dos changes

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:18:45 PM

This version includes a new version of grubinst.exe which had a bug - the new version of grubinst.exe (1.2) is 'unofficial' as I had to change the code and recompile it myself to fix it. The bug was that if you installed grub4dos to the PBR partition, then MS-DOS would not boot correctly as it could not find the COMMAND.COM file. Not sure why no one had discovered this before(!). I have also updated the grldr file to a recent chenall version 0.4.5b 2010-12-17 which has some bug fixes. In addition, installing grub4dos to an NTFS partition now works. Details of the MS-DOS bug are discussed here.