New Beta grub4dos version - to solve menu numbering problem

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:01 PM

For details about the problem and the fix please visit the forum at - it can also be downloaded from there too.

Just replace the grldr file on your USB drive with this new version.

Now you can have nicely numbered menus which work correctly and use menu separators too - like the example below!


My Grub4dos Menu v1.2

1 boot to DOS

2 aaa

3 dddd

4 fffff

Linux OS's

5 linux1

6 linux2

7 linux3

WinPE OS's

8 Hirens Boot CD

9 WinPE v2

10 WinPE v3

Install an OS

11 Install Vista 32-bit

12 Install Vista 64-bit


If the user types '11' then the item numbered 11 will be highlighted. Menu's such as this are not possible with the current grub4dos version, typing 11 would select 'WinPE v2' !!!

Note: This change has now been added to the latest chenall grub4dos build. grub4dos-0.4.5b-2011-05-09.7z