new grub4dos wenv utility explained - for grub4dos freaks!

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:02 PM

chenall is a developer of grub4dos and he has written wenv, which is an executable that runs in the grub4dos shell environment. The readme was in chinese and the usage was not very clear. I have managed to translate the readme file and test and correct the text. I have also made up a test batch script for test purposes and a test menu.lst. A small section on wenv is now included in the grub4dos tutorial page, but I suggest you download the file from the Beta downloads page to check it out for yourself.

Wenv allows you to get user input, store, test and do maths on variables, run grub4dos commands using variables, construct FOR loops, run scripts and lots more - all from menu.lst entries! One code example included in the zip download generates a menu dynamically based on what image files you have on your drive, another example prompts the user to input the name of an iso file and then grub4dos boots to it.