Tutorial #32 - New very simple way to create a multi-Windows install USB drive using Windows Iso files

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:04 PM

This Tutorial is yet another way to be able to boot from USB drive and then run directly any Vista/Win7/Server2K8 install DVD ISO file so you can install Windows to a hard disk by booting from a USB drive instead of the Windows Install DVD.

The difference is that this way is VERY simple to set up and use - no WAIK needed, no patching of files, no DISM, no complicated editing - all you need is Notepad and to edit 3 lines of text to create a menu for each ISO. Works for 32-bit and 64-bit OS's. Only one menu (grub4dos). Can be used to replace Tutorial #2 and Tutorial #31.

Did I mention - VERY SIMPLE to set up:

1. Copy two files (one of which is menu.lst) and one folder to a grub4dos bootable USB drive

2. Add your ISO files to the USB stick

3. Edit menu.lst to include your new ISOs

That's it!