Status 10 Jan 2010 - v2.1.614 is coming...

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:10 PM

2.1.613 seems to have some problems which I am working through now. In particular it calls showdrive.exe to mount new removable drives which do not have a drive letter (some WinPE OS's don't auto-mount removable drives - e.g. Hirens). This causes multiple drive letters for the same pen drive!

In addition to various bug fixes, I have also added some function keys (ALT+Z is now not used to save a configuration file - use F10 instead!).

Special keys:

F1 – Help

F2 - Open Explorer at USB drive

F3 – Open Explorer at RMPrepUSB source folder

F4 – open menu.lst from root folder on currently selected USB drive with notepad

F5 - Refresh drives

F6 – load USBSpeedDP.csv using the spreadsheet app. associated with .csv files

F7 – load USBSpeed.csv using the spreadsheet app. associated with .csv files

F8 – open USBSpeedDP.csv in notepad

F9 – open RMPrepUSB.ini file in notepad

F10 – Save current configuration to RMPrepUSB.ini

v2.1.614 should be out in a few days but I need to test it thoroughly now as there have been quite a few changes by removing WMI and OCX dependencies, changing some controls, etc.

I have also found that if you format a pen drive as a USBFDD, then Semantec's Norton AV Endpoint Protection starts to scan the pen drive as soon as it sees a 'new' one because it thinks it is a floppy disk! This causes problems when RMPartUSB tries to lock the drive to do writes! So if you are having problems, disable your AV for a while!