Tutorial 30 added - install XP easily from a USB drive

Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:25 PM

Preparing a USB drive to install XP is quite easy using such tools as WinSetupFromUSB, but I wanted a method that would let me add AHCI drivers easily without needing to re-make the XP image. I came across FiraDisk and WinVBlock. Now all you need is the vanilla XP ISO.

The XP ISO and the F6 txtsetup.oem floppy disk image are loaded or mapped to a RAM drive. XP sees these as the source CD and the driver floppy disk. If you need to load a mass storage driver, just press F6 and choose the correct driver for your system.

Only 4 files are needed to make the USB drive (grldr, menu.lst, winvblock.ima and XP.ISO). Check it out and easily and quickly add an XP install to your multi-boot USB stick!