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v2.1.604a Beta - includes Syslinux v4.03 and ext2 file creation

posted 18 Sep 2011, 15:19 by Steve Si   [ updated 19 Sep 2011, 02:09 ]
I have included Mattwu's mke2fs.exe app in this Beta and RMPrepUSB now has a button to create an ext2 filesystem under Windows on a USB drive.
This distribution also has v4.03 of syslinux as this seems to be more compatible with newer linux distros using vesamenu.c32 and menu.c32 files.
Also added autodetection of language - it will try to load the correct help INI file for your locale setting if poss (when run for first time only and registry has no RMPrepUSB settings).
Note - small bug in NSI installer in version 604 - please re-install using 604a if you have installed 604 already (Start folder in Start Menu shortcut not set correctly)!