Post date: Sep 18, 2011 10:19:43 PM

Added ability to specify relative path to source folder .\xxxx as Copy OS Files source (note: only .\ or full path is supported). This also works if it is pre-set in RMPrepUSB.ini so you can include a package with RMPrepUSB.exe, RMPartUSB.exe, 2 manifest files and RMPrepUSB.ini file + your source folder just below it. Instructions to an end user would be:

    1. Download and extract the files to a folder on your hard disk
    2. Click RMPrepUSB.exe
    3. Select or double-click on the menu item presented to select the pre-configured option
    4. Select the correct USB Flash drive (if you have more than one connected)
    5. Click Prepare Drive - wait for it to finish
    6. Click on Eject Drive

The RMPrepUSB.ini contains the folder source path and settings so the user does not need to change anything.