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v2.1.650Beta released!

posted 8 Oct 2012, 10:03 by Steve Si
This version has an extra Drive menu option. It allows you to set any one of the four partition table entries in the MBR as the first partition or reset the order of all 4 entries so that they are are in ascending positional order (the same order set by diskpart or Windows). This means you can have up to 4 partitions on a USB Flash drive (e.g. created with EaSeus Home Partition Manager) and then quickly make any one of the partitions visible in Windows so you can change the files on them using Windows Explorer.
This feature is also available in RMPartUSB, so that you can use RMPartUSB in a script to load up to four partitions with files (e.g. using XCOPY). The new parameter is FIRSTPART
RMPARTUSB DRIVE=2 FIRSTPART=3   will set the 3rd entry in the partition table to the 1st partition and will swap the 1st entry to the 3rd position.

Any feedback welcome...